Security Services

Safety, security, and service are the core values that distinguish Seattle’s Finest from other

security companies. Let us work together to define your security needs and customize a solution that will exceed your expectations.

Seattle’s Finest employs only the best! You will have great confidence knowing that the individuals handling your security assignments have a large amount of experience and training. We only hire those with a background in Security, Law Enforcement, Military, or Corrections. Seattle’s Finest is a Washington State employer. We carry multi-million dollar liability coverage, L&I coverage, and Employment Security coverage that protects anyone working under the Seattle’s Finest name.


For all of your highest security priorities, Seattle’s Finest offers the opportunity for you to hire active off duty police officers in order to provide a strong presence for any event, patrol, or Executive Protection request.


All security officers have passed both our extensive background investigation and drug testing. Seattle’s Finest also requires all security officers to be trained and certified by our in-house expert Law Enforcement Instructors prior to serving any security needs.


 All individuals hired as Armed Expert Security Officers are retired/ former Military or Law Enforcement professionals with extensive experience and training. If an active off duty officer isn’t quite what you’re looking for, but you are in need of a strong presence, this is a great solution!


Would an extra presence in your neighborhood, parking garage, establishment, or building assist in deterring unwanted individuals? Our unarmed security officers are a great solution! 


Seattle’s Finest understands the importance of being able to alter security plans based on the fluctuation of needs. Once we develop a solution for you, we are able to increase or decrease the level of presence based on your requests. We are here to assist you in providing the highest quality security! Ask us how we can help!

Seattle's Finest has great experience in scheduling high volumes of officers for popular gatherings. Examples of this include:

  • Managing all internal police security for Century Link Field during the 2012-2015 seasons for Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sounders, concerts, and other scheduled events at that location. We were responsible for scheduling up to 200 officers per event!

  • Scheduled and managed a large four day protest at an oil refinery in Western Washington consisting of 150 officers in 2016. 



Provide security for any business or event whose primary source of income is from the sale of alcohol or marijuana. This would apply to a bar or tavern, but normally not to a restaurant or private event that merely has alcohol on the premises. If you are unsure if you fall under this rule, contact us and we will discuss your scenario with you.