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Law Enforcement Officers

There are many options for off duty work, but why not work with a company that always has your back? Seattle's Finest provides generous wages, Employment Security Coverage, a multi million dollar liability policy, and L&I coverage to all officers working for us at no cost to you. 

Seattle's Finest provides higher rates for traffic control positions during night hours, weekends, and holidays. We also have a four hour minimum on all jobs.Officers are paid on a direct deposit, bi-weekly basis which makes getting paid fast and simple. Seattle's Finest even provides qualified employed officers the option to contribute to a 401k!

We NEVER allow you to be paid under a 10-99 to ensure you are always protected in the event there is an injury or liability claim. 

Our scheduling platform makes applying for jobs fast and headache free. Our team is always available to you in the event you have questions or concerns. 

Are you a retired police officer looking for off duty opportunities? You too are able to apply!

SF badge.jpg
Introducing the Seattle's Finest custom badge design for Law Enforcement Officers to wear while working their job assignments.

Current Officers

You can view current payroll dates here!

Questions about the new Long Term Care Fund? 

Get more info below!

2024 WSP Permit for Employment

Click the link below to download.

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