Security Cameras

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Seattle's Finest is excited to introduce our new security surveillance solution to our clients. Whether it be a construction site, parking lot, event, or property, our self contained cameras will be able to provide you with real time video that detects unwanted individuals and vehicles, not basic movements. Say goodbye to false alarms for good!


The Eagle Eye is a self-contained and simple to use surveillance solution for any situation. With its solar option for power supply, the Eagle Eye is able to be placed in any location and has the technology to detect unwanted individuals, read license plates, and provide intricate details and colors...even in low light! With live access to video feed 24/7 and instant alerts, you are able to keep tabs on any situation at all times. Short term and long term rentals available!



  • Not movement based- means no false alarms

  • 21ft retractable height

  • PTZ camera- 360 degree endless pan, tilt, and 25x optic +16 digital zoom

  • Two Bullet cameras- 88 degree view each

  • 5,000ft viewing 

  • 700ft of human detection

  • Thermal analytical cameras with smart functions detecting people and vehicles, low light color video, as well as advanced fire detection

  • 130db siren/LED stobe lightSolar powered with 110v plug in backup power option

  • Live 1080p video available on mobile and instant alertsSelf-contained system24/7 monitoring Time lapse video of project


The Eagle‘s Perch is a self-contained camera that can be secured to any part of a crane without compromising the structure in any way, and can be easily removed at the end of the project! This provides clients with an easy overall view of a construction project with 24/7 live access The Eagle's Perch is intelligent enough to detect people and vehicles even in low light situations, making it a great option for overall surveillance of a construction site!

  • PTZ camera- 360 degree pan, tilt, and 4.7-94mm zoom

  • 5,000ft viewing 

  • Bullet camera monitors integrity of crane

  • Analytical cameras with smart functions detecting people and vehicles, NOT motion, as well as advanced fire detection

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  • Live 1080p video available on mobile and instant alerts

  • 24/7 monitoring 

  • Time lapse video of project

  • Color video in low light environments