Proudly providing WA State with security and traffic control since 2002 with over 1,000,000 hours completed

Seattle's Finest is a Washington State employer providing security and traffic control to a variety of industries throughout the area. We specialize in Uniformed Police Officers (UPO), Off Duty Law Enforcement security, unarmed security, security cameras, and executive protection. Seattle's Finest is dedicated to providing world class customer service, 24/7 direct support, and we never utilize 10-99's. We are committed to ensuring our security or traffic control solution meets or exceeds our clients expectations. 

What We Do

UPO Traffic Control
Off Duty Officer Security
Armed Security
Unarmed Security
Executive Protection
Multi-Million Dollar Liability Coverage
L&I Coverage
Employment Security Coverage
24/7 Direct Support
No 10-99

Why Choose Uss

What We Don't Do

We do not provide services for:
Liquor Establishments
Anything Cannabis
Adult Entertainment